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R. Clare Singh


In tandem with Chicago's Goodman Theatre and the Poetry Foundation,  "Play on Words: Poetry" is featuring R. Clare Singh's poem "Caregiving" as an artistic partner to Mary Zimmerman's "The Matchbox Magic Flute". The poem and play are both currently running at the Goodman Theatre. 


Coming July 2024

Poems with a bite taken out of them

Poems with a Bite Taken out of Them is a testimony to silent suffering, indoctrination, emergence, and claiming one's identity, all at a steep cost. Diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2020, Singh uses her inherently amplified experiences to create dramatic vignettes of feelings for her pages, to pass on to readers she has never met. This is a story of loss and regrowth, of allowing a mind to change, and of giving oneself apologies that would otherwise not be received.

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