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So Many Beautiful Things

Stories of Hope: So Many Beautiful Things is a project started by Rachel Singh in 2017 during a time when she was empty. Somehow, she found an inexplicable hope: it came with no rhyme or reason, yet it could not be stamped out. Knowing that she was not unique in her finding, she began collecting stories of hope from random passerby and writing music for their stories. Hope is desperately needed, both in society at large and within each person. 

Stories of Hope: So many Beautiful Things originally began as a concept for an album, but once she started, Rachel realized that a spread of hope should not be capped. Now, it is an ever-expanding project that she intends to keep sharing so long as she receives stories. 

To submit a story of hope for the project, please email Rachel through this website on her "Contact" page. Please include your name, Age, and hometown if you are willing for her to publicize the story, although stories can certainly be anonymous if you wish. She will not publicize the story until the piece is finished, and she does not compose in order, so please have patience should you wish to participate. All pieces for this project are written for solo piano.

Sample Pieces


Doug Foote

Age: 32

Hometown: Washington D.C.

"I work in politics, and a little after the 2016 inauguration, I got a job working at an election in Virginia Beach. It was the first election since the presidential election, and it was a short five-day job. But one of the candidates was not the average political candidate: she was a science teacher and a mom. We walked into her home and she greeted us, total strangers, with hugs, and we converted her living room into an office and helped her run for the election. She lost, but a year later, she ran again and won. Thirteen months ago, we helped her figure out what she was doing, and now she is on the cover of TIME. Cheryl Turpin. It's cool to say I know her personally, to know that she just hugged me as a stranger, and we helped her get started toward where she is today."

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Nick Sansone

Age: 20

Hometown: Crown Point, Indiana

"Since I was eleven or twelve, I have struggled with depression. It comes in cycles; I can be fine for a long time, but usually when something bad happens, it sets me off. My freshman year of college, I was at the lowest point I had been for a while.I am a film major and I spent most of my time with my fellow film students, but afterward I would feel horrible about myself, and quite honestly, I would just go back to my room and cry. I did not feel like there was anyone I could trust, and so I kept it to myself. 

During this time, I went to a film screening, but when I walked in, I saw a girl whom I had been developing a bit of a crush on (I really am a romantic) sitting with another boy I knew from filming. They looked so happy together. I couldn't stay; I left the screening early.

As I was standing on the Red Line platform at Jackson, a girl I sort of knew from a student group saw me. She walked over and asked me, "Nick, are you okay?" And I opened up to her.

Now, I am the president of that student group, and I have found people that I know I can trust no matter what. I am also still a film major, and I have found friends and colleagues there as well. Looking back, I know there is a reason that she was on that train platform at the same time as I was. "

A Song for You to Dance To


Age: 22

"This is a very personal story for me. I am okay with sharing it, I have shared it in circles before, but it is still very personal for me.

About a year ago, I was sexually assaulted. It was terrifying. It was very hard for me, both to be around other people and to retain my sense of self. I remember a little while later, I was sitting next to my father when he touched my leg, and I freaked out. I was scared even of my own father, who had no bearing on the situation.

So I rebuilt myself. I love music, I love to sing and dance, and those are parts of myself that I will not let anyone take away from me. Through dance especially, I found myself again. Found my confidence. And you know what, I'm doing okay. I'm sure as hell stronger. But most importantly, I'm me again."

A Song For You to Dance To
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